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From: TK

Condo exchange RV

What's the best way to find a RV to exchange our condo for this summer?
Look for home exchange websites that allow you to search for RV's or mobile homes. Both and, for example, allow you to do this.

From: Subirameanspatience

Zanzibar possible to list/

Dear Admin
I am living in Stone Town, Zanzibar and am interested in a home swap in amsterdam or around.. Is this possible and is there a cost? Hope to hear,
Yes, in theory a home exchange is possible anywhere. Zanzibar is an exotic destination that might appeal to folks in Amsterdam. Most home exchanges are arranged via websites and most of these websites charge a fee.

From: Brian at Home Exchange 50plus


As I understand some members of SeniorsHomeExchange are having problems accessing the site and their listing, we would like to help out by offering all their members a 6 month free membership of our site To take up this offer please contact mentioning this offer and include your seniors listing number.

From: Portland

Seniors Home Exchange gibberish

When I try to view any entry on Seniors Home Exchange, the text of it is followed by many lines of computerese gibbrish, taking up most of my screen. My thanks to anyone who can help.
My apologies, I don't know what has happened to Senior's Home Exchange. I recommend, which I work with in my role as volunteer chair of the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship.

From: oldmac

We are "lifetime" members. We cannot access the website. What is the problem?
My apologies, I don't know what has happened to Senior's Home Exchange. I recommend, which I work with in my role as volunteer chair of the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship.

From: Shari

Seeing what's available before joining?

Is there a company that allows you to look over their active listings before you pay for your membership? Thank you
Most home exchange agencies allow you to search their listings without being a member. They don't allow you to contact their members but you can look at the listings.

From: Gooby123

Seniors Home Exchange

We saw a warning about and can no longer access. What happened to it?
My apologies, I don't know what has happened to Senior's Home Exchange. I recommend, which I work with in my role as volunteer chair of the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship.

From: Vbee

Contract for 1 year home exchange

Hi, I'm going to do a home exchange with someone in Germany for one year. Are there contracts available for this? He will be subletting his room (He has 3 roommates) and I will be letting him and his friend into my home. His friend will pay rent. Is there a contract for this situation? The room swap between me an him?
You are describing a complicated situation. Most home exchange is simply a trade with no money changing hands. Given this is a long term arrangement you should get a lawyer to draw up a contract.

From: mamabird

Tennessee Mountains exchange

We have a nice 3400 square foot suburban home in the mountains just a few miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee and the Tennessee River. It's a really cool town with amazing outdoor offerings like stand up paddling, kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking trails near our home, etc, and cool downtown area. We want to go to do we make a little known Tennessee town appealing and are nice suburban homes even that desirable to swappers if we aren't in a major US city?
You need a good offense--you should contact Europeans willing to go to the US and invite them to consider your home. There are many European exchange families in places like Chattanooga--desirable and liveable smaller cities. They will be happy to hear from you! You need to contact others because many Europeans searching for the USA will not choose Tennessee when they choose a US state in the search process. Don't be shy about contacting many potential exchange partners in Europe.

From: Maznoz

Just house swap only sites

Hi there, are there any sites which deal specifically with house swaps only. I am proactive in contacting listings. I have tried two sites (Intervac and Love Home Swap) where most listings only seem interested in renting their properties. Any advice or ideas would be great as I'm getting frustrated?
Hi, Unfortunately most sites allow homes to be listed for exchange and rental, you contact them and they want to rent, not exchange. It is annoying. Try and, I think they don't have the rental option. allows rentals but most folks are exchanging only.

From: Alexa

Modest house in Fabulous Town

We have a four bedroom modest house in fantastic Steamboat Springs Colorado. We are less than a minute from downtown, and just three minutes from world famous ski mountain. Our house is old, modest, and worn in by kids. Furniture is comfortable but modest. Would people still want our house if it isn't a gorgeous perfect rental type?
Location is the most important factor for most people, there will be many who will accept a normal lived in home. If you are willing to contact others in looking for an exchange it will increase your chances. Just waiting for others to contact you will reduce your possibilities. The mountains of Colorado will be attractive to many potential exchange partners.

From: Carolyn

Richmond Va

I am celebrating my mothers 90 yr birthday July 17-20. We are looking for a home that would have 4-5 bedrooms for 8 adults and 4 children. We will be out of the home most of the stay and all have professional careers. Any ideas on where we might go?
Your question suggests you are looking for a home exchange for a long weekend in about a month. Arranging such a swap with such little lead time may be difficult. Presumably you want to drive to the exchange, I would look at, as they have thousands of members in the USA and search tools that allow you to look for homes that accommodate a certain number and have a certain number of bedrooms. You can look at that list and decide which places might be of interest.

From: Lee


Are there any agencies that handle the exchange and prescreen people
There are agencies that offer this service,either as their main offering or as an extra cost membership option. Try and the platinum membership option at

From: Joe

Swapping with US

What is the best site to use if you want to swap a home in New Orleans for a NYC apartment?
Any site with lots of USA members would work, such as or

From: kerry

exchange home for RV

Are there any websites that allow postings for people who want to exchange their home for the use of an RV?
Yes, many home exchange agencies offer the possibility of trading an RV or boat. allows you to indicate that your type of home, for example, is a mobile home. You will need to check out various home exchange agencies and see which has the best formats for offering or finding an RV for exchange.

From: mike99

over 50 exchanges

Hi Guru, First, thanks for this great service you are offering! I'm wondering about the over 50 agencies. Re, you mention them but don't say whether they are a reputable agency or not. BTW I just checked and the site is working. Am wondering if you've reviewed them? I like the idea of a specialised site since we are nearing retirement but I see that e listings are few in number. Are seniors generally happy with the big, popular sites?
The folks behind homeexchange50plus are capable and attentive. I haven't reviewed seniors home exchange. The large agencies have many seniors and good search tools so you can look only at their listings. I have been a member at homeexchange50 plus and have gotten good inquiries. Suggest you try using different sites and see what works best!

From: Daisy

A little odd

In a developing home exchange the other party has asked for copies of the high resolution photos from the site. I find this a little odd. Do you?
Hi, yes, it is perhaps odd that someone would want a photo of your home that was already available at a home exchange website. Maybe there is a detail in the photo they wish to examine that is not visible with the photo on the website. When reviewing website photos I have occasionally thought "I wish the resolution was better." Photos are valuable and can tell you much about a home and the family.

From: urtrific

hospitality exchange

Can you suggest where I could look to find out more about Hospitality exchange.My wife & I live in a comfortable home and have a spare bedroom which we can make available to visitors in exchange for same arrangement in their home at a subsequent time. We are happy to host visitors who will reciprocate after they return home, or who will host us iin exchange for a visit with us subsequently.
Hospitality exchange is well supported by the home exchange community. Most home swap agencies have this as a searchable characteristic. Industry leaders such as,,, and support hospitality exchange. John Axelson of Australia self-published Exchanging Homes Holidays which tells his story of many consecutive swaps, including hospitality exchanges to create a five months long holiday in Europe.

From: 4ever15

Matching up Nashville

Hi I noticed a question here from Gemieye who wanted to swap in downtown Nashville with 2 cats. WE no longer have cats but would happily look after yours. We know Nashville, like music and have a a 2 bed 2 bath apartment in Nice France.

From: Daniyar


Hello, we are a family of artists from Kazakhstan. be happy to offer homes and apartments in the south of Kazakhstan. eco-friendly products, horseback riding, will be happy to welcome guests with children. We are looking for new friends.
If you want to host folks on a hospitality basis, where no money is exchanged, or you want to exchange your home(s) I suggest you sign up with one or more home exchange agencies. See or for more information on home exchange agencies.

From: manofpeace

Lux Home in New Delhi

I am retired man age 62 with a lady partner of 2 years. We have a 5 bed luxury home in New Delhi, 2 of which we can make available for 3 - 6 months in a year, including food, washing, servants and hospitality. We are looking to travel to Kenya, South America, Japan, US or Canada this summer in home exchange or similar programs. We are extremely well travelled, and know the challenges of westerners finding convenient and comfortable homes in India.
If you are offering a bedroom or two in your home it is a type of hospitality exchange--where you (or your servants or relatives) are in the home at the same time as guests. This is a recognized branch of home exchange supported by most home exchange agencies.

From: Sarah

Long-term Swap

I am trying to arrange a two-year home exchange - my home in a suburb of NYC for a home in or near Zug, Switzerland. Do you recommend any particular strategies for long-term exchanges? Thanks.
You need to be flexible. There are few home exchange opportunities in Zug and you would be lucky to find one for two years. If you look for a place within an hour of Zug you will have more possibilities, though the folks participating in long term exchange are few. You might be able to find a place near Zug for less than the full two years. Maybe you could do more than one exchange.

From: Oldchap

Retiree dilema

We are a retired couple with a very nice property in the Philippines, we have children and grandchildren in the UK,
We would like to exchange our house with a house in the UK "Longterm/Permanent"
We lived and worked in UK for over 10 years and receive UK pensions etc.
Can you help us in how to advertise and make contacts with interested parties.
We are flexible about arrangements/terms,
Our house is in Luzon very close to the eastern coast in a rural area, (Very Quiet) well appointed big ga
A permanent home exchange is beyond the scope of this website. You might be able to find folks in England to trade with you on a short term basis. If they liked you place after a short term trade they might consider additional swaps including ones for longer periods of time. I am available as a home exchange consultant, if you would like to hire me please send me an e-mail via the contact us section of this website.

From: Fran

House swapping where owner stays and hosts you.

I recently heard of an organization that facilitates this for a small fee. I think the name begins with "green..."
You must be thinking of Green Theme Home Exchange,



Many home exchange agencies allow you to search for exchanges that include an RV. For example, also allows mobile home as a type of house. So you could either search for a house with an RV or a mobile home on its own.

From: VanIslandgal

50 and Free

Is there a specialized site for retired people to search who have more flexibility and freedom to travel.
I find wading through all the material very time consuming.

From: Island Girl

newbee to this

I have never swapped houses,but am interested in researching it. Where would I find details on insurance, checking out people (trustworthy etc)Although exciting thought, I want to be smart about it. I have a waterfront home in southern maryland, which is an easy day trip to DC and other historical points. Thanks
The About Home Exchange section of this website has specific information and ideas about how to evaluate the trustworthiness of potential partners. Insurance issues are also addressed. Suggest you check with your insurance agent, since insurance varies by state and country. More information on these issues can be found at my other home exchange information website,

From: Richie


How does the insurance (auto) work when the car is a part of the deal?

Who needs to obtain the insurance?
You need to check with your insurance agent to verify coverage. Rules vary according to country and the length of the exchange. Before you agree to exchange cars you should review the coverage offered by your exchange partner's policy, to make sure it meets your needs.

From: glenn

home exchange

retired labourer/teacher with modest Toronto home in gentrified neighbourhood quiet, flat and level street, 4 steps to porch, small back yard with deck and barbecue
wishing to exchange accommodation with UK,US,Irish,other Europe, s America...Aussies

basic furniture, 3 bedroom, 3 washrooms, parking, car, air conditioning
up to 3 months
This is an information website, not a website for finding exchanges. I am sure you can find exchanges with agencies such as,,,, and

From: sarah66

home exchange for one year to Granada, Spain

Hi Guru,
We are planning to take a sabbatical year in Granada, Spain (from Toronto) and have been trying to find a website that specializes in sabbatical exchanges with no luck. Is this an impossible request? We are planning early - for August 2014 and staying one year.
Trading for a year is considered long term home exchange; most of the larger agencies offer this as a searchable alternative. You will be lucky to find folks in Granada wanting to trade for Toronto with your exact dates for a year. You might find several families in Granada to trade for shorter periods; perhaps you could work with them and fill in gaps with rented accommodation. An agency with lots of Spanish listings is Also try Good luck.

From: anna

small house

I'm super interested in home exchange for short vacations. However I find most the house on the sites so big/expansive looking. We own a comfortable but simple family row-house in Canada's capital. We would be looking for something simple in return, after all we would be going to see the sites.Would people still be interested or I'm I going to waste money on a membership?
Location is more important than size. If you house is attractive and well furnished and equipped, and in a good neighborhood you will have no problem finding exchanges. Try This site is free and has many normal homes in France. www.homeforhome is based in Spain and has many normal homes. A one month membership is free, there is a 3 month membership for $30, and one year is about $60.

From: benji

What about Merida Mexico

We have a century old colonial in Merida Mexico. Close to the Maya ruins (Chichen itza, Uxmal), beautiful cenotes. Very interesting place. Just wondering if this would be considered a good exchange location.

My wife and I visited Merida 22 years ago. Lovely colonial city and well positioned for visiting Uxmal and Chichen Itza. Yes, I think many would find it an attractive home exchange destination. Buena Suerte!

From: retired torontonians

long term swap

My wife & I are retired & have a large home in Toronto as well as a beautiful Villa in Jamaica. Ideally we would like to sell our house in Toronto & find a like minded couple who would be willing to do say a 5 year deal swapping their house in Toronto for our Villa in Jamaica every 3 months. Where would I advertise or get the word out to Toronto people as I'm sure the situation would appeal to many & a lot of people would love to spend time in the Caribbean without the headaches of owning.
I would recommend you implement your plan in steps. Start by finding a good 3 month exchange in Toronto one year. See how it goes. Repeat with another family. Trying to find someone to commit to five years of three month exchanges is ambitious. Work up to this gradually. Many exchangers like variety. That said I know of exchangers that regularly trade with the same partners on an ongoing basis.

From: Gemineye


Hi Guru:

We are a retired couple with two cats and a wonderful loft with underground parking in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. We would like to find a comparable couple with, ideally, two cats, who like music, especially counry and western but also all other genres. We are open to where we go. Is there a site that lets you search by such specific criteria?

Most home exchange agencies allow you to search by diverse criteria. For example, exchanges with or without children, by the capacity of the house, by the number of people traveling, or for retired folks or senior citizens. You can search for those who welcome pets. The interest in country and western music would be difficult to search for, but you can indicate your interest in music in the essay fields of your home exchange listing. Good luck!

From: robert_sina

sought after areas


What are the cities people would like to go more more often around the world? Is Cape Town an atractive area for people willing to swap houses?
Large well known cities such as Paris, London,and New York are always popular. Anyplace tourists want to visit will be attractive to home exchangers. Most listings for South Africa are in Cape Town or Cape Province, suggesting it is an attractive destination that would be of interest to many potential home exchangers

From: beth

how and the best

have two vacation rentals in honaunau desiring to go to florence italy in sept. thought home exchange might be not like hotels any suggestions how to start mahalo beth
Hawaii is a highly desireable destination and using your rentals gives you flexibililty to do a non-simultaneous exchange. It can be tough to get to a particular destination like Florence on a particular date. If you are flexible and willing to take anyplace in Tuscany within an hour of Florence your search should be easier. There are many second homes in Tuscany available for exchange.

From: solyluna

swapping for one year

Hello, we are a young family with a small baby, we live in Seville-Spain and the job situation is not good now, so we decided to go to New York City for one year and learn English, but we want to go as soon as possible; no less than 6 months and 1 year will be perfect, the problem is that the people don't want to swap for so long, and it is too late for teachers and students. Any ideas? thanks.
Home exchange works better when you are flexible. I suggest two alternatives: you can find a long term exchange, but you will need to consider any English speaking destination. Or you can live like a gypsy and string together several shorter exchanges in the same general area (say USA and Canada). New York is popular, there aren't many long term exchanges there, and they may not want Seville. Buena suerte.

From: River Rat

Texas Hill Country?

We are an hour from San Antonio and 45 minutes from Austin Texas. The setting is the Texas Hill Country on the Blanco river. The town is Wimberley. We have never done an exchange and would like to. Any feedback on how popular Texas (Hill Country) might be? This is second home and we can exchange at just about any time.
Being between San Antonio and Austin is good, these are two attractive cities, well known to US residents, not top of mind to those from other countries. I suggest you list with a home exchange agency and send e-mails to families in those areas that are of interest to you. If they are looking for Texas you know they are interested and even foreigners who say "USA" as a destination can be considered.

From: AlexinNC

Democratic National Convention 2012

With this convention coming to my hometown of Charlotte, NC next year, I thought it might be fun to do a home exchange with someone who is coming to town for the event but am not sure how to go about doing it. I figure it might be the only time this would be a "desirable location" and might get a journalist or something. Any ideas on how I might proceed?
I think Charlotte is a desirable destination. The universe of home exchangers is small, much less than 1% of the population. There might be a few delegates or journalists that would consider a home exchange for the convention. I would list your home on several home exchange agencies and put down the dates of the convention and indicate your willingness to trade.

From: david

Finding demand

Is there a site where you can see who is interested in exchanging with what areas? We are on the beach in South Florida and we would search for where we wanted to go by who wanted our area. thanks.
All leading home exchange agencies have search functions that allow you to find people wanting to go to your country. Usually you can also look for those specifying your state and sometimes your city.

From: Joan

What if your home is great but area not desireable

We have a gorgeous home in Charleston, WV. On the sites that I am able to search, no one wants to come to West Virginia. Is there no home?
West Virginia, though beautiful, is not top of mind when folks are thinking about home exchange destinations. Don't worry, feel free to contact anyone who is interested in the USA and ask if they would consider an exchange with you. Talk about the advantages of your location and home. Good luck.

From: jt

Realistic Hopes?

When we retire in 2 years, we'll want to swap our San Diego condo (2+2, centrally located, good access to freeways and public transport, not far inland) for 1 to 3 months for places in Toronto, Paris, Auckland, London, Rome, Dublin, Mexico City, Honolulu, Sydney, wherever. Will people be clamoring to exchange with us, or will we have to wait patiently until one such exchange per year comes our way, or...?
I think San Diego is a popular home exchange destination. I think the world will be beating a path to your door. If you want more choices review home exchange opportunities in places you like and ask them to consider an exchange with you.

From: doctom

Manila Penthouse Exchange

What is the best way to echange a Mamila, Phils condo for a UK destianation?
It will help if you are flexible as regards where in the UK. Try home exchange agencies with lots of UK members/percentage of members such as,,, or

From: Aisya

Exchange home NZ and Malaysia

I live in Country Height Resort Kajang, Malaysia and going for sabbatical in Massey U, NZ in august 2011 till April 2012. May I know if can exchange home? My home is available from June 15 2011. I've another house to stay in Kajang Malaysia before I leave which is also fully furnish and available for exchange or rental.
It is difficult to swap for a particular place on short notice unless you have a home is a sought after destination or are going to a place with lots of home exchangers. You can give it a go but the combination of NZ and Malaysia on short notice might be difficult

From: jewishswap

Home Exchange for Jews

Recently launched home swapping site dedicated to the global Jewish community -

In response to a question asked on your site.

From: dedenla

senior exchanges

So you know anything about SeniorsHome few listings I found seem to have owners who are far more flexible about travel dates. Any thoughts?
I am not familiar with It is a good idea to trade with similar families and seniors as a group share certain characteristics. Many home exchange agencies allow you to designate yourself as seniors and to search for exchanges with other seniors. Another agency specializing on this group is Seniors have more time to travel and are more flexible about their travel dates.

From: Gabster

Home exchange from Cambodia

I notice you have not mentioned Cambodia in your listing of countries and wonder if you might be able to direct me to the best agency to deal with in swapping our lovely apartment in Phnom Penh with a place in England? Thank you.
There are not many home exchangers located in Cambodia, it is great that you are looking. Large and reputable agencies with many members in Britain include,,, and The last agency shares their database with and with For a recent post I did on finding exchanges in Britain please visit

From: john

jewish family houseswap usa and the netherlands

we live in the netherlands and we would like to have a holiday homeexchange this summer with a jewish family in the usa.Is this also possible?

There used to be a home exchange agency for Jewish folks. The link doesn't seem to work anymore. I suggest you Google "Jewish Home Exchange" and look for advice on this subject. Otherwise you could join a large home exchange organization and explain your prefernce for Jewish partners. If you wrote 200 agency members some would end up being Jewish.

From: Linz

house swap with the average home

I Live in fort Lauderdale, Florida, in a great location. Its a small historic house. 1 bedroom. nothing fancy... Anywho,
I am going to New Zealand in April. (south island)
Any ideas on where to look for a basic average house swap? Nothing 'luxorious' even better if I dont have to pay to use the site.
Your question motivated a long answer--please see the blog entry on this website titled "Home Swaps Question: Florida for New Zealand"

From: Scoop

Do I need a home

Are there companies that allow you to "rent" a home instead of swapping one? We don't have a home - we house sit or rent furnished apartments where and when it's convenient - we are retired and free as birds. Thanks much
Many home exchange agencies allow homes to be listed for exchange and rental or only for rental. You may have to be a member of an agency to contact these listings. On the other hand there are agencies that allow you to access rental only listings without being a member. Our friends at are the experts on home exchange agencies. They have reviewed about sixty agencies. Each review shows whether the agency has rentals or not.

From: mickey

Whats happeneing

Hello, I am having real issues with's new site in relation to it not responding to my instructiones eg deleting and adding to favorites. On top of this are not responding to my plea's for help. Are they still operating as they have just taken our fee and I am somewhat concerned?
I am a regular user of The redesign of their website was ambitious and they hava a large number of bugs that they are working on. They will get this worked out but it might take a long time. Please see my blog for more comments.

From: bob

efficient search

My wife and I are interested in any swapping our home in DC for almost anywhere in Europe for 2-4 weeks next spring. Is there an exchange (reverse listing?) that can not just provide us-but selectively notify us of - contacts with a reciprocal interest?
Bob, most home exchange agencies have a reverse search, so you can look for people wanting to go to your country, state, or city. Agency search functions vary, many have a simple and advanced search. I would try different ones out. used to have a feature where you could request to be notified about new listings from particular countries. If you are flexible as to European country I think you will have many options.

From: Jane

Home Exchange in Scotland for 2010


We live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and are interested in doing a home exchange with a family in Lyon, this Christmas. Do you know of any websites/organisations who would provide assistance with this?



This question prompted a longer reply than I could fit in this section. Please see my blog for a detailed answer.

From: Unknown

Would someone come to my country

Hi!I live in Manila, Philippines. Home exchange is not only unheard of here, but also we are aware of the bad publicity this country is getting. we are US citizens running our own businesses here.What are our chances of finding someone to swap homes with in Hawaii, Rome, Barcelona or in Greece? If people do brave coming here, they usually prefer beaches and Manila is more of a bustling, chaotic city. Do we stand a chance?
You will have a difficult time if you limit your search to Hawaii, Rome, Barcelona, or Greece. You could join the top 3 home exchange clubs that have about 50,000 members. Let's assume 1/10th of 1% will consider Manila. That is about 50 families. But if you say they have to live in the four destinations above you might find only 1, 2, or zero. To have a good chance you need to widen your list of acceptable destinations. You would need to contact potential partners to look at your listing.


do i need to pay money to be a host ?

am asking that do i need to pay money to be a member or a host?
There are free home exchange agencies, such as or The price to be a member of a home exchange club or agency varies. Visit or for lists of home exchange clubs/agencies. Once you are a member you normally don't pay for each exchange. There are agencies such as which are free but ask you to pay a fee when you arrange an exchange.


i want to be a memeber

Am a student of takoradi polytechnic in ghana and i want to know how much it will cost me to exchange with a home in canada and london.
There are free home exchange agencies and there are those you have to pay for. With agencies you pay for you get one listing included in the membership price. If you want to list more than one home you have to pay extra. Normally in a home exchange there is no money exchanged between partners.

From: Likes Old Folks

Seniors Home Exchange Alive

I posted here before and I want to correct this. The seniors home exchange network seems to be up and running at:
I don't know what the problem was, and as I said before, I've had good experience with them.

From: Likes Old Folks

Senior Home Exchange Defunct?

We've had good experience with but now their website looks like someone else has taken over. Any news about them?
You are the second reader to ask about They have disappeared. Their website is shown as under construction but it could also just be a way to generate revenue from Google ads. There is no content except sponsored links (ads)to other websites. The folks at review all home exchange agencies and couldn't get in contact with the owners of SeniorsHomeExchange even when it was in business. Suggest you try other home exchange agencies.

From: Katrina


I have made two successful domestic exchanges through Craigslist (I'm in Hawaii) Is there any reason that I should pay an agency when this is working well?
Hi Katrina,
Since you are in Hawaii you have lots of home exchange choices. The advantage of using a home exchange agency is the efficiency of the process and more choices. Home Exchange agency formats are designed to efficiently convey information about possible home exchanges. The search tools allow you to quickly find what you are looking for. The process of looking for an exchange, making an initial inquiry, and negotiating are quicker and easier. Visit home exchange agencies and look!

From: dlvjaz

only one car exchange

Hi I live in Paris and was looking for an echange with house car in the colorado mountains, is this done? Only one party having a car? Thanks, Donna

Home exchange is a flexible activity and the individuals involved make a deal according to their wishes and needs. So yes, you can ask for an exchange in Colorado that includes a car at the same time you are not offering a car in Paris. You might consider offering them a pass good for use of the RATP system or leave them a pile of metro tickets that they could use. Maybe you could buy them a rail pass good for a few days in France. Be creative and flexible. The Guru.

From: Jay Bea

How do pets do

Do you recommend exchanging pets or are they too much of an inconvenience for the exchange family to handle, while on vacation in your home?
Should the pets be boarded in kennels?
I look forward to hearing about different experiences with pets.
On our 12 exchanges we have hosted many cats, the occasional chicken, and a hamster. Our exchange partners have taken care of our cats. When we have traded with families that have dogs, including two veterinarians, they have chosen to send their dogs to kennels or friends even though we would have been happy to take care of them. Dog owners need to be convinced that the incoming family will know how to take care of their animals.