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Lovehomeswap - from Bob

Beware of home swap companies who offer free trials. Once they have your bank details, you are at their mercy. Love Home Swap raided my bajk account for £120 before the end of the trial period and when i complained they quoted the "distance selling regulations" so instead of 14 days they told me they were only obliged to give me 7. Amazing tomthink that these people can rob you this way, ot's worse than being mugged in the street. You have been warned!!!

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new website comparing home exchange services - from Dawn

I've launched a new website with up to date info on all the home exchange sites out there, reviews, and a table of comparable info:

This is part of a larger project on traveling cheaply via the sharing economy.

Check it out. Feedback welcome!

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Wives dislike the extra work - from lestrina

Am I missing the obvious? The husbands love doing home exchange. The wives are put off by the extra work of preparation, cleaning, cooking. Couldn't the husbands take over some of that extra work so that the wives aren't overwhelmed and both can enjoy? I don't get it.

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3rd home . com - had a very bad experience - from

I was new to 3rd home this past spring. We listed our 6500 square foot waterfront home in Naples Florida. Attracted by the excitement of enjoying other luxury properties in exchange for our own, this seemed like a win win. The first to guests to book our home came for a stay over Memorial Day weekend 2012. They told me there were 2 people coming for a relaxing getaway. After receiving calls from a neighbor about 6 vehicles in my driveway I sent our housekeeper over to find that they had 15 peopl

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Home Exchange Insurance - from phildj1954

In the response to the lady regarding damage to her property you can get insurance to cover for this, but we do delete listings if some one complains about another member especially if they have misled people about their property how ever you should have asked for photos of there property and used an exchange agreement that would have covered you legal for compensation kind regards Phil Jackson

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Money doesnt buy a good holiday - from edinburghexchanger

Love your dry humour.
My experience - We exchanged for a beautiful South of France farmhouse last summer - there was a heat wave that week so we dozed by the designer pool, admired their waterfalls and art collection and limited the sightseing. It was very relaxing. This winter, I paid for all 5 to go to a big hotel in Egypt, Red Sea. Well researched and recommended - We felt like sheep being herded, we got sick,it cost thousands. When all is said and done, home exchange is free (almost).

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Response to Marie's comment below - from Guru

Please see my response to Marie's negative comments and experience in the blog secttion

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damages and reimbursement - from marie

i think you gloss over the section on damage. we have exchanged at least 15 times since 1998 and put up with misrepresentation of the exchangers home and car,i.e. car very old, no aircon, in poor running condition,dirty houses, broken appliances,and returning home to find - fine glassware broken, plates, cups chipped, dirty pots; bicycle and car damaged. Websites do not remove listings when complaints are made; nor do they vet listings. we will no longer home exchange.

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Very interesting information - from Bunker

Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

Add 10-26-2009 03:59

Great info! - from Inga from Iceland

Great site you have here John! Lots of useful info.

Thanks for sharing :)

Add 10-02-2009 17:29

Potential first time home exchanger - from Granny

Thanks for your comment on the cat issue. I am exploring the possibility of doing this to visit Cornwall England next year. I live in Ottawa Canada.

Add 03-06-2009 13:51

Vacation economy - from Jay Bea

Is this a good time to consider exchanging home, with a slow economy? What does the Guru think this summer will bring, in the way of exchange activity? Will the cost of flying go up or down?

Add 02-16-2009 14:54

Web site - from Jay Bea

I love it, what a great idea, just what the home exchange industry needs - a place to swap stories with the already converted home exchange officianados. Well done Guru.

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Home Exchange is awesome! - from Wendy

We have never had a bad experience with exchanging (after doing 9) and have even made some great friends! Go for it and you won't be sorry...the memories last a lifetime and you will see amazing places in a whole new way. Congratulations John on a great website that helps tell people about the wonderful world of home exchanging!
~Wendy A.
Half Moon Bay, CA
Home exchanger since 2000

Add 09-05-2008 14:53