Warning and Disclaimer

Home Exchange is an unusual activity. It should be obvious that entrusting your home to complete strangers could result in disaster. Entrusting your home to friends, relatives, or children might result in even worse outcomes. Your home could end up a ruin. Your family could end up in a dangerous place half way around the world if you are not careful with home exchange.

When you visit home exchange websites they will entice you with lovely homes in the most beautiful places in the world. They will suggest that if you send them your money and sign up you can trade your home for these places. As you can imagine it is not that easy. Some people will not be able to find a home exchange. Perhaps they are too picky as regards destination and travel dates or maybe they live in an ugly home in a disagreeable location. The other problem can be that it takes a lot of time for people to understand how home exchange works and how to make it work for them.

If you are careful it is unlikely you will have a negative experience with a home exchange. If your experience is negative it will probably be unpleasant instead of horrible or life threatening. Economic losses should be a few hundreds of dollars or a few thousand dollars though it is possible to imagine heavy economic losses if you are careless, unlucky, or uninsured. Anything could happen when you trade your home. Consider yourself warned. Should you have a negative experience with home exchange please realize that the purpose of this disclaimer is to warn you that it is possible and to shield Homeexchangeguru.com and all those associated with this website from any legal liability.

You should always be careful and cautious with home exchange. If you carefully follow the risk management ideas on this website in the section entitled About Home Exchange it will improve your chances for a successful and happy exchange. Bad things can still happen and you should always do everything you can to minimize risk in a home exchange. This takes time but is recommended.